The Link Collective

I've been a fan of The Link Collective for a while now. They work with designers and artists from around the world to blend contemporary textile design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship. And oh my, the results are exquisite! I'm seriously crushing on the Leah Duncan Furoshiki & carry strap set. I imagine it's the sort of thing you'd have for years and years... It's so versatile too. Today a scarf, tomorrow a bag. Beautiful! You can see more here.

Image credits: The Link Collective



Some snapshots from the last few weeks...

- I've been on a plant buying frenzy lately
- Dinosaurs! Seen wandering amongst the cycads at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
- Finally, finally, framed my Rob Ryan tea towel
- My Mother's Day card from the Big Boy
- Despite some lingering sunshine it's definitely soup weather around here
- A new leaf after my poor delicious monster suffered a horrible sunburn
- A sweet posy from the garden gathered by the boys for my birthday last month

These pics are all snapshots from my Instagram account. You can find me @helloolivedesigns if you have an account too.


Finally, time for a catchup

Hello lovelies, I haven't been around for while... with so much is happening in my 'real life' it's been a struggle to update my blog and visit yours.

My little baby 2 year old started play school yesterday! Eek! He's settled in so well - no tears, no drama - so I am fully expecting a meltdown any day now! It's only for 2 mornings a week and I'm missing his little cheery face around the house. However it means I have SIX uninterrupted hours a week to work. I know the time will whizz by but still, the possibilities are endless :-)

I've also been working super hard to update my online graphic design portfolio. I've picked up quite a few freelance jobs since the end of last year. It feels great to work again and I really hope I continue to find work as a freelancer. The thought of returning to work in an advertising or design agency sends shivers up my spine. It's all about late nights and working weekends and I am so over that!

We've also been house hunting. Ugh. It's been awful. With our tiny budget we can only afford a 'renovator's dream' but the places we've seen have been more like a demolisher's dream! The prices are unbelievable and with so many awful stories in the South African news at the moment, I have wondered if it is a good idea to invest here. I'm in no rush to leave but still... it's worrying, and these days Edinburgh (where Mr Hello Olive and I lived for a chunk of time) has been on my mind more and more lately.

Well, on that note I'm really hoping that I'll have more time for this space, my Etsy shop and to pop in more regularly to visit your blogs. Hope you all have amazing weekends and 'see' you soon!

Image from here
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