These snaps are so last year

This post has been lurking in my 'drafts' folder for weeks! And yes, they really are from last year :-) Well, from December so they're not that old but I meant to post them ages ago. We're having a rather chaotic start to the year. The Boy started Big School last week (how did that happen so fast?!), we're in the middle of a house move, aaand in between all that Little O has well and truly started to embrace the terrible two's (despite the fact that he hasn't even turned two yet). And boy oh boy, I had the worst pain and knot in my stomach for days. Apparently it's stress related although to be honest I wasn't feeling particularly anxious at the time. Thankfully I'm much better. Nothing like Rescue Drops and listening to a mediation download before bed to help ease my anxiety. Phew. I'll be glad when we've settled into our new home...

- book club lunch at Jonkershuis
- one of my Christmas gifts
- his favourite toy is in there!
- an early morning visit to Green Point Urban Park
- the boy and his dad creating Lego masterpieces (as usual)
- one of my prints framed for a friend's daughter

These pics are all snapshots from my Instagram account. You can find me @helloolivedesigns if you have an account too.


To do

It's probably a bit late for new year wishes (has it really only been 2 weeks since we waved goodbye to 2014?) but Happy New Year lovelies! I don't make resolutions but I love this print from Oh My Deer, and I for one definitely need reminding to be a nice(r) human sometimes. Especially in the car. And to people who don't pick up their dog's poop. Especially to people who don't pick up their dog's poop :-)


Merry merry

Just popping in before the festivities begin to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and fabulous 2015! And also a huge thanks for visiting my blog, leaving lovely comments and for supporting my shop. It really means so much to be a part of this wonderful online community!
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